The 2021 Golf Season

August 15, 2021

We hope you and your loved ones are safe as we all manage the impact Covid-19 is having on our lives. No Delta!


The health and well-being of our associates, members and guests is always our top priority.  It has been quite a year, the game of golf  has made all of us appreciate the great outdoors as we deal with Covid-19.

I have recently checked my lesson schedule and I am mostly booked through September. I only teach about 10 hours per week, as I have the Head Professional responsibilities here at Wilmette Golf Club.


Please e-mail me at for any questions or concerns. I am hardly ever in my office so an e-mail is the best way to contact me.

 If you are having trouble finding an appointment with me, we do have other options for instruction, teaching professionals, Scott Yopchick, Carly Werwie, and  Cole Hyland are available for private lessons as well.

See you in the short grass!

Jamie Locke, PGA

Golf Instruction with

Jamie Locke, PGA

A Golf Instructor For All Levels

My professional experience and unique approach will provide the training necessary for any player regardless of ability to improve their golf game and have more fun. I personally work with each player to help them achieve their individual goals. Early on, I identify what each student is capable of with my goal being to help them reach, then exceed, that potential. I will improve your game!

About Me

Welcome to my website. My name is Jamie Locke. I have been a Class A PGA Member for 16 years, having earned full-member status in 2004. This will be my 29th year working, teaching, and coaching at the Wilmette Golf Club. I have been the Head Professional at Wilmette since 2010.

I took up the game as a skinny 11-year -old and began my golf education at Cavaliers Country Club in New Castle, Delaware. Cavaliers had a wonderful junior program and I took to the game immediately. It became my passion. We kids would play 18, 36, 54 holes a day. We just kept going around and around; my record was 63 holes in a day!  I broke 100 that first year. When I turned 12, I broke 90, broke 80 at 13, and broke 70 at age 14. To say I was into golf was an understatement. I played in high school, and our team won the state championship in 1973. I left for the University of Alabama on a golf  scholarship in 1976.


During my university days I began working at the North River Yacht Club, a wonderful golf course in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on the maintenance crew, my way of staying close to the game. While I was working at the club, I was asked if I would be interested in working for the Golf Digest Instruction School as a range assistant. My love of teaching started there. I was able to work with some of the best teachers of that era: Bob Toski, Jim Flick, Jack Lumpkin, Chuck Cook and Little Poison himself, two-time PGA Champion, Paul Runyan. 

After my stint with the Golf Digest Instruction School, I moved to Glenview, Illinois, and began working at the North Shore Country Club as the Assistant Caddie Master. From there I moved on to the Caddie Master position at Westmoreland Country Club.

After a season at Westmoreland I was offered an opportunity to play professional golf on the South African PGA Tour. I spent 3 seasons in South Africa with some success as a touring professional, an experience that I will never forget.

I then made my way back to the USA and was hired at the Wilmette Golf Club in 1991. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wilmette and continue to teach, coach and play the game I love. Thanks for reading about me. Hopefully we can get together so I can help you with this great game.


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